ASHRAE Level 1 Audit

Recommended for owners experiencing high costs who are just starting to address energy management issues.  A Level 1 Audit is a walk through audit where WBS records key pieces of information including types, age and conditions of systems, building design, and space usage.  When we are on-site, we will interview the owner and occupants to understand comfort issues and other concerns.  Based on the data collected, WBS will make a list of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) that can be prioritized and implemented to save you money and energy.


Recommended for owners who have completed a number of energy efficiency measures and are looking for additional savings and efficiency. A Level 2 Audit is a more intensive on-site analysis and includes sophisticated modeling using Trace 700 software and other whole building energy simulation tools.  A comprehensive list of Energy Conservation Measures is analyzed and prioritized that will further save money and energy.  

ASHRAE Level 3 Audit

Recommended for Owners who have undertaken energy efficiency measures and are now looking to make capital investments into energy savings equipment or infrastructure.  A Level 3 Audit includes all the steps of 1 and 2 and also includes a return on investment analysis (ROI) based on recommended capital improvements including their cost and a full life cycle cost analysis of the equipment over its life expectancy.